Welcome to Fireblast Global

Exterior Props

Response to flammable liquid and gas incidents is a dynamic that requires specific training techniques. Fireblast Global has designed fixed and portable prop series to provide seamless comparability from training to actual response.

Interior Props

Fireblast’s interior fire training props deliver the realism sought after in an advanced fire training program. From realistic home and office burn props, to highly specialized industrial manufacturing props, there is not one environment that Fireblast Global can’t simulate.

Responder Facilities

Fireblast Global possesses the necessary capabilities to build your entire facility, without having to outsource props or other components. We offer a competitive price point for facilities and provide more training value for your budget.

Mobile Units

From the beginning Fireblast Global has produced mobile fire training units that have become the main stream in providing live fire training, through single and multiple agency purchases. The existence of mobile fire training has become instrumental in the reduction of costs accruing from travel and overtime.

Fireblast and GSA

Fireblast is proudly associated as a GSA certified vendor. Helping to supply our first responders with the right equipment they need to get the job done right. Proudly made and manufactured in the United States.