Press Brake Forming

  • Precision Brake Capacity

    Fireblast Fabrication uses leading edge computer aided software for its metal bending and design services. Our Ermaksan Power-Bend Falcon Brake Press generates pressing forces of up to 242 tons for precision bending capabilities.

  • Seamless Structural Forming

    In many instances, it’s preferable to bend a piece of metal into shape rather than welding two or more pieces together. Not only is welding time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t provide the same structural integrity as a single bent piece of metal.

  • Advanced CNC Control Systems

    Utilizing CNC controls on a press brake allows us to repeat an action over and over again perfect for large volume orders. It also allows for easy setup and the ability to switch tools between applications for prototypes and complex designs.

  • Presicion Hemming and Control

    Fireblast Fabs Brake Press also has the capacity for hemming. Hemming is folding a small portion of the sheet over and then closing it back on itself thereby creating a thicker, more rigid and durable edge whilst also making a rounded edge for safer material handling. Hemming is used in the manufacture of all types of boxes, covers and panels.

Areas of Expertise

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