At Fireblast our people realize that amazing customer service and satisfaction are competitive advantages. These priorities are the number one focus of every evaluation process that a purchaser performs when selecting between products and businesses. Achieving a level of confidence and grabbing this advantage begins far before the product is designed or built. It begins with a culture.

In January 2015, the team at Fireblast Global dedicated their focus on improving the culture and vision of its future. This vision embraced proven practices in Lean Manufacturing from the world’s largest car company, Toyota Motor Corp. These practices included building trust and respect across the organization, applying a Customer Focused Vision, and a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

Over the next four years Fireblast would create a practice of constantly examining and re-examining our facility, products, processes, and services in an ongoing strive for perfection in everything we do. A systematic approach of every team member’s daily improvements concentrated on improving efficiency by identifying nonvalue added activities and eliminating waste, materials, and space. The results produced a proud team delivering products of quality to every customer we touch.

A large component of our transformation was the “open-door” philosophy of showing our successes and challenges to others and transforming their feedback into incremental improvements that led to an array of long-term benefits. This “open-door” philosophy gained global recognition that led to the co-hosting of the 2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit. The Summit brought together over 200 Lean Thinkers for a 3-day event of guest speakers and a factory tour.

As we enter 2021, the responsive flexibility of our facility and team makes expansion into new markets a perfect fit. Adopting lean methodology within our culture drastically increased productivity and capacity, improved quality, reduced lead time and increased customer satisfaction. Learning to implement small changes each day means quality product delivered tomorrow.

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