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  • Falcon EX Series Car Trainer

    The Falcon EX Car trainer is a portable live fire training mockup that integrates with the full line of interchangeable Falcon EX props. The EX Car trainer includes heavy duty construction and steel casters that allow easy relocation of the trainer to create varied training conditions. Utilizing the Falcon controller, with a wireless pendant and portable IGP technology, provides your team the ability to extend fire training capabilities to multiple training scenarios with additional EX interchangeable props.

    Falcon EX Series Car Trainer
  • Falcon CX Series Car Trainer

    The Falcon CX Car trainer is an advanced portable fire training system that includes patented Quickburner™ technology and flame spread capability. The system features a wet/dry burner system that increases fire propagation and produces a greater level of heat production. Utilizing wireless controls, the operator can create fire scenarios that spread through the vehicle including passenger compartment, engine, and tire fire training evolutions. The CX Car is designed to be portable with the ability to be relocated in the training environment or mobile on a transport trailer. Open or closed transporter options are available.

    Falcon CX Series Car Trainer
  • Falcon DX Series Car Trainer

    The Falcon DX Car trainer is the first training unit in its class to push the training envelope beyond your expectations. This training unit offers the advanced technology of the CX Car trainer and adds multiple patented Quickburner™ technology pilot burner systems. The DX Car allows the operator to create fire at any location within the training unit and add fire extension with additional pilot locations. The extension fire can be created at any location and be activated or deactivated during the actual training scenario. These features are an industry first and only provided with the DX Car trainer. The DX Car is designed to be portable, mobile, or fixed within the training center providing the most realistic car fire training in the world.

    Falcon DX Series Car Trainer

Don't Take Our Word For It

Tony Rouhotas, Jr,; Imperial County Fire Department

The Fire Blast Trailer has been an absolute superior enhancement tool for Live Fire Training simulations. The burn trailer is an amalgamation of both fire industry stand and safe firefighting training. Through use of the trailer we have been able to train fire agencies and the local college Fire Academy using the safest and most advanced practices.

Eric Selbel, Assistant Chief; Point Pleasant Fire Protection District

The product received was over and above what was expected. Your trainer was cordial, informative, and helpful when he came to complete the train-the-trainer training and the follow-up communication with your company has been excellent. Our experience with your company has been very positive and the quality of the training trailer has exceeded expectations. We look forward to working with your company in the future.

Timothy Grams, Fire Commander; Statesboro Fire Department

The quality of the product as well as the service has been great. I will tell you that I have instructed many live fire evolutions in a Class B setting and this simulator is the closest to the real thing that I have seen produce by a propane fueled fire. Our firefighters, as well as surrounding fire departments, have received good live fire training from this simulator.

James Robinson, Fire Chief; Moody Fire Department

Our FireBlast unit is performing famously. In the past month, we have had the opportunity to use the unit with two different groups of firefighter recruits (about 50 recruits total), used the trailer at a Fire & Emergency Services Explorers Competition (approx 125 Explorers used the unit for the Search & Rescue Team Competition), and we will be using the trailer over the coming weeks in association with the Alabama Fire College in the completion of a firefighter recruit academy. Without exception, we have had only the most positive feedback regarding the performance of the system and its value as a training tool.

Jon Wintle, Deputy Fire Chief; Owasso Fire Department

I have had the opportunity to field and use several brands of prop systems both static and mobile. Fireblast products are simple to fire and easy to troubleshoot. My favorite feature, which fortunately we have not had to use to date, is the ability to transfer the pilot housing from one prop to another with relative ease. That capability ensures very little interruption in training and no need to redirect training due to a failed prop.

All the operational systems have straightforward safety checks and the startup procedures are relatively fast compared to other props I have used. They require no specialty gas, other than a small propane bottle to check the LEL limits and the Thermocouples.

The multiple smoke generators are well-placed, easy to use and provide more than adequate smoke for realistic training. They are not only for firefighters, but our law enforcement agencies use them frequently to simulate low visibility scenarios, such as tactical smoke and teargas.

The ability to maneuver the vehicle prop to various locations enables firefighters to recreate complicated scenarios. Whether the vehicle is in a garage, against another prop, or simply in the parking lot, the ability to let our scenario imagination run helps us avoid static training. The same holds true for all the mobile props which are easy to set up and fire consistently with enough flame and heat to challenge firefighters from the newest recruits to the well-seasoned veteran.

The favorite prop of every firefighter that has been through our training field is the overhead “flashover props”. It provides great flame travel and reinforces the need to check conditions overhead.

Fireblast props provide a robust burn and the ability to set up multiple scenarios to create a very realistic fire situation. I would recommend their products to any fire department, whether they are looking to buy new or simply need to upgrade their current props.

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