Car Training with Fireblast Global Simulator
Firefighter putting out car fire

Car fires can happen anywhere at any time, in busy intersections where traffic is still moving to areas with multiple exposures. Firefighters should have the training well in advance in order to have complete understanding of what it will take to mitigate the fire, save the passengers, and protect themselves. Here at Fireblast Global, we have the car simulator that will allow you to train for any type of scenario that you may encounter.

Here is what we provide:

The Falcon CX Car Trainer

Our Falcon CX Car Trainer is a mid-sized vehicle that has capability of four fire zones. From hands-on live fire application training to nonburning training with this car, trainees will learn the skills to attack any type of car fire scenario with this unit.

The Benefits of Car Fire Training

As said above, car fires can happen anywhere and at any time. It is extremely important to be prepared in the event of a fire.

To be prepared with proper attitude, skills, knowledge of angle of attack and efficient technique could mean the difference in saving lives including your own. This is why we have on-going training and advancement for this specific reason. Our system technology can be removed from the vehicle fire training simulator for maintenance allowing your team to have many years of on-going car fire safety training.

Fireblast Global

At Fireblast Global, we provide simulators that allow proper training in a controlled environment for every situation you can think of. Our mission is to provide safe training equipment for firefighters of every level. Contact Fireblast Global at 1-951-277-8319 today to learn all about our fire training systems programs. We can help you gain the skills and knowledge for every situation you find yourself in!

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