Combat Aircrafts




The Combat Aircraft Simulator allows for the instructor to place the unit at any desired location, creating a desired training objective, therefore enables the ARFF Fighters to use their actual apparatus, tools, and equipment that are familiar to them.

Training Capabilities 

Once the unit is placed at its training location, the instructor will have the capability to train the firefighters in performing: direct communications for the initial group responding, recognize hazardous conditions, what action will be taken in softening the targeted-on approach, performing emergency rescue, hand line advancement, tactics to disarm the Combat Aircraft.


Fireblast Global produced the Combat Aircraft in order to bring the realism required for these specialized ARFF firefighters to be engaged, allow the use of actual apparatus, tools, and equipment that are familiar to them, and creates a repetitive training environment.


This is an overview of specifications for the Combat Aircrafts utilized for a variety of ARFF training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to: