Fireflash Series




With the ability to transport this fire training simulator, mutual aid departments can arrange for the best location to have joint controlled live fire training with the two (2) gas fired props and one (1) flashover prop.

Training Space 

The portable self-contained Fireflash Series is a fire training unit that provides over 416 square feet of interior training space with 744 square feet of total training space. This space includes a generator, fuel source, three (3) burners including flashover/rollover, a smoke system, movable panels, ventilation pitched roof with safety railings, chop hatch, basement access, second story enclosed room and an equipment room on a portable transport trailer with exterior staircases.


The unit provides a fuel source, generator or power supply, operating equipment, required safety components, and smoke distribution system. The unit utilizes Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the vapor state as the fuel source.


This is an overview of specifications for the Fireflash Series utilized for a variety of fire training objectives. This fire training unit‘s capabilities include, but are not limited to: