Fixed ARFF



Fireblast Global’s Expandable ARFF Trainers are designed to provide specialized training for airport first responders, in a safe and controlled environment. These training devices allow for a hands-on application that develops the skills necessary to perform an effective response to aircraft rescue situations.

Flexible Design 

The Expandable ARFF Trainer is a flexible design offering several training objective modules. Each module is equipped with specific training objectives that are required for certification and can be configured in small frame, large frame or a combination aircraft design.  This flexible design provides each organization the ability to specially design the unit by selecting modules that meet current training demands and budgets while providing expansion capabilities to meet future training requirements.

Training Scenarios 

The system allows the operator to create a variety of scenarios specifically tailored to produce a realistic training environment that simulates incidents that may be encountered on an airfield. Training scenarios simulate actual emergency situations that include live flammable liquid fires with hands-on foam application and tactics, Forcible entry, laddering operations, live wheel/brake, engine, nacelle, three-dimensional firefighting, APU, baggage, galley and cabin fires, victim extrication, ventilation procedures, RIT, and ARFF apparatus live fire turret operations.


This is an overview of specifications for the Fixed ARFF units utilized for a variety of ARFF training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to: