Forcible Entry Trainers



Variety of Doors and Windows 

Gaining access into today’s structures is critical in saving life and property.  Fireblast Global’s Forcible Entry Trainers gives fire personnel the ability to critique and hone their skills gaining access into a variety of residential and commercial doors and windows without damaging the equipment.

Variable Scenarios 

The Forcible Entry Trainer offers many training scenarios’ including Forcible Entry through inward and outward swinging doors.  Breaching and prying operations, gaining access into a structure using the Thru the Lock Method, gaining access thru roll-up doors, security doors, and garage doors.


The forcible entry training prop offers a variety of different mockups to simulate different types of entry points located thru every fire departments call response area.

The following are a list of mockups which can be utilized to train on:

Steel curtain roll-up door
Sliding slat roll-up door
Security screen door
Residential door
Glass storefront door
Scissor gate
Commercial steel door
Security window bars


This is an overview of specifications for the Forcible Entry Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but are not limited to: