Hazmat Tanker



Fire Points 

The Hazmat Tanker Trainer has two (2) fire points, the first is a Split Flange Fire Prop with an operating OS&Y valve that provides a realistic fire during two team gas capture scenarios.  The Split Flange Fire prop includes a piping manifold mounted beneath the trainer with an inline breech of the flange creating a leak and fire scenario. The hazmat training prop incorporates a high-pressure liquid fire.

The second fire point is the Fuel Spill Fire Prop, which includes a stainless-steel burn pan and portable ignition system that initiates a liquid fire that simulates a flammable liquid fire. The independent pan will include the ability to sequence the simulated fuel fire spread under the flange fire or can be relocated in a variety of locations around the tanker.

Flammable Liquid Rupture Kit 

This hazmat training prop contains four (4) functioning rupture kits. Each rupture kit has removable and interchangeable cover plates that provide variable leak types and sizes. Flammable liquids leaks are plumbed with water and capable of operating the desired leak effect.


This is an overview of specifications for the Mobile Hazmat Tanker utilized for training in response to hazardous chemical spills, leaks, and fires. The hazmat training simulator’s capabilities include, but are not limited to: