Responder Facilities



Our unique design and construction method allows for limitless spans and endless ­finish possibilities for fire training buildings. This provides maximum flexibility of design for optimum training value, while simultaneously ensuring seamless aesthetics regardless of budget. Our composite delta stud panel system is like nothing else in the market for burn building design and construction.

Our solid structure design allows for smoke containment from floor-to-floor, a weakness of competitor models. With all this, our pre-engineered building solutions still come at a competitive price with the highest level of quality.

Single Source 

Fireblast Global possesses the necessary capabilities to build your entire responder facility, without having to outsource props or other components. We offer a competitive price point for our responder facilities and provide more training value for your budget.

Responder Buildings Advantages 
  • No floor-to-floor smoke migration
  • Reduced super structure costs
  • Reduced foundation costs
  • High wall point load
  • Flexible design
  • Reduce installation time
  • Earthquake, blast, and hurricane resistant
  • No restrictions on placement of doors and windows


When it comes to training structures Fireblast Global provides strong and durable buildings specifically built for live fire training. In addition, Fireblast responder facilities are extremely low maintenance. Fireblast approaches each project as a custom designed facility providing the required training evolutions to meet the department’s needs today and into the future. Each installation is custom engineered with a complete set of plans. Some popular options:

Design Services

Fireblast Global knows that owners and facility operators don’t just purchase training equipment, but rather, they desire full training solutions. Fireblast’s Design Services Group offers pre-construction solutions.  With our comprehensive expertise, the Design Services Group is able to provide complete training solutions for our customers.

As a member of your agency’s design team, we are committed to the establishment of a partnership with your architect and engineer in providing valuable input through all phases of each project.

Our focus on each project is ensuring owner objectives are met and maximum training value is realized in all facilities.

Thermal Lining Systems

Thermablast™ is a complete thermal lining system comprised of a strong, machineable, non-asbestos inorganic calcium silicate board insulation mounted to an integrated framing system that provides an air gap for added thermal reduction to live fire burn rooms. The board’s design allows for direct flame impingement and can be used in applications reaching 2000°F (1093°C).

  • Reduced panel dimension/reduced expansion and contraction
  • High durability
  • Compatible with all steel, and concrete
  • Approved for Class A and Class B fire props
  • No restrictions on the placement of fires within a room
  • Non-reflective for Thermal imagining training
  • Use for new construction or existing facilities
  • No “drying out period” required between uses
  • No environmental impact (calcium silicate product)
  • Easy panel replacement
  • Does not support mold growth and is water resistive
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cold Face temperature @1000°F is 107°F (@ 537°C is 42°C)
  • Cold Face temperature @1500°F is 125°F (@ 816°C is 52°C)
Available Custom Options
  • Hazmat and non-burn Props
  • Elevator Shaft
  • Pitched Roof Ventilation Props
  • Rappel Anchors
  • Wall/Ceiling Breach Prop
  • Confined Space Simulator
  • Man Holes
  • Denver Drill
  • Roof Hatches
  • Caged Ladders
  • Vertical Ladders
  • Custom balconies
  • Movable Wall Systems
  • Smoke Systems
  • Ventilation/Exhaust Fans
  • Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • Stand Pipes
  • Sprinkler Systems