Smoke Trainers



Smoke System 

The Smoke Trainer includes a smoke generator and distribution center that operates from the wireless pendant controller. The system can provide low visibility training environments during search and rescue conditions. The smoke generator provides a distribution rate of 60,000 cfm and a discharge fan. Additionally, the unit is certified compliant by North American and European testing agencies. Smoke fluid is a water-based, non-combustible, and non-toxic. There is no health or environmental impact.

Interchangeable Design 

The Smoke Maze Trainer includes three (3) levels of interior training operations with interchangeable design capabilities. The training unit provides the ability to improve firefighter awareness of operation in low visibility atmospheres and confined space areas. Levels 1 and 2 include various reconfigurable gates that create a maze. The maze includes variable dimensions and diminishing clearances including breech able walls and sloped floors that allow firefighters to move between levels. Level 3 includes a wire entanglement station, collapsed roof and shoring station and a rafter crawl area. The 2nd and 3rd level are connected with two (2) confined space openings.

Ventilation System 

The system includes an evacuation and ventilation system with an exhaust fan and fan controls via the wireless control pendant. The ventilation equipment is designed to remove the smoke between exercises or in the event of an emergency. Upon manual activation from the wireless controller or main operator panel, the exhaust system will initiate.


This is an overview of specifications for the Smoke Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but are not limited to: