USAR Training Facilities

The USAR Trainer represents a collapsed structure on wheels. This trainer allows the instructor to reconfigure the training environment for additional degree of difficulty. Multiple construction types of material are utilized to meet the demanding requirements of urban search and rescue personnel.

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The Forcible Entry Trainer is equipped with a variety of real life obstacles encountered in common structures. This unit provides the ability to cut, pry, force, and manipulate access into a structure without damaging the prop.            

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Special Operation Trainers are manufactured to be mobile for first responders to get real life training where requested. The training props within each unit allow the firefighters to utilize the tools they are familiar with in order to advance their skills. By design, these units are meant to be used over and over with very minimum down time resetting in between each scenario.


"The Fireblast trailer has been an absolute superior enhancement tool for live fire training simulations. The burn trailer is an amalgamation of both fire industry standard and safe firefighter training. Through use of the trailer we have been able to train fire agencies and the local college Fire Academy using the safest and most advanced practices. The Fireblast trailer has also allowed us to perform live training burns, which are carbon emission free, and have no impact on the environment. The staff was nothing less than superior and made the process easy and enjoyable.”
Fire Chief Tony Rouhotas
Imperial County Fire Department


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