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What Industries Make Use of Fiber Laser Cutting?

A patient's room in a hospital

Ever marveled at the precision and complexity of designs in everyday objects and structures around you? Much of that is thanks to a brilliant technology called fiber laser cutting. This method isn’t just popular; it’s revolutionizing production across multiple industries. From the meticulous demands of the medical field to the robust needs of construction and… Read more »

Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting in the Auto Industry

A hot road with the words "Fireblast Hot Rods" written beneath

Our automobiles have consistently become better, safer, and more efficient over the past century-plus due in no small part to improvements in technology. In the 21st century, one technology that’s become vitally important to the auto industry is fiber laser cutting. This isn’t just any high-tech tool; it’s a game changer in how vehicles are… Read more »

Why Fiber Laser Cutting Represents a Step Forward

A laser cuts a pattern into sheet metal

Sheet metal fabrication has existed in many forms for many years. Like many other fields, the methodology has changed over the years as technological advances have occurred. After years of using various saws and other methods, there’s now a better way to do it: fiber laser cutting. Fiber laser cutting makes use of the latest… Read more »