USAR Trainer




The Fireblast USAR Training Unit has four (4) standard platforms that are designed to challenge Type I FEMA USAR teams. Each platform is designed to represent a specific type of building construction and the problems encountered during a rescue effort. Each platform has four steel casters for the removal and replacement into the training unit.

Confined Spaces 

Four (4) confined space hatches are located on the roof (one above each of the training modules) of the training compartment. These provide access to the platforms utilizing a tripod or rope rescue exercise. Multiple entrance gates in the roof top safety railing provide access to the training from a ladder or aerial platform.

Roof Prop 

A roof prop simulator with a chop out hatch is included on this unit. This 8’ x 12’ platform provides vertical ventilation training utilizing hand tools and power saws. The 4’ x 8’ replaceable cut-out area is located in the center of the training area.


This is an overview of specifications for the Urban Search and Rescue Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to: