Car Trainer



Realistic Training 

Vehicle manufacturers continue to push technology to levels that are far more complicated each year. In addition to that standard flammable liquids in fuel, engine lubricants and tires there are battery operated cars and new materials that increase the flame intensity and increased smoke production. These changes require fire service training divisions to continually create new techniques and advancements for any potential vehicle fires. Fireblast Global’s Falcon Car Trainer is a vehicle fire training simulator that provides a hands-on, realistic training platform, to repeatedly test and perfect the skills needed to safely extinguish these vehicle fires.


Fireblast Global designed a vehicle fire training simulator called the Falcon Car Trainer. It produces high-level firefighter training in a safe and controlled environment with a multitude of training objectives. There are three platforms to choose from including two exterior platforms and a combination interior/exterior platform.  The systems offer a portable ignition system that can be utilized with addition Falcon series training props or a multi-burner unit with built-in Quickburner™ Technology. Each platform can be equipped with the required safety systems for interior firefighting, per NPFA standards.

Quickburner™ Technology 

All Falcon Cars come with the Fireblast Patented Quickburner™ Technology. The Fireblast Quickburner™ can easily be removed from the vehicle fire training simulator for simple and easy access and maintenance. With this patented technology, your staff can perform continuous preventive maintenance at your facility with little to no down time. The entire system can be set up and operated by one instructor allowing for more time spent training for many years.


This is an overview of specifications for the Falcon Car Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to: