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Modern Applications of Lean Manufacturing

A flow chart showing the principles of lean manufacturing

Last month, we covered the origins of lean manufacturing in this space with a promise to discuss the more modern applications this month. As was stated then, lean manufacturing traces its roots back to Japan more than 100 years ago. In the time since then, it’s evolved in many ways and its principles are now… Read more »

The Origins of Lean Manufacturing

An animation of the word lean with people and manufacturing parts in the foreground and background

Lean manufacturing is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot in the business world today. It refers to a firm’s method of eliminating waste in all forms in order to deliver the most value possible to the customer. The term “lean manufacturing” wasn’t actually coined until the late 1980’s by an American businessman. But concept… Read more »

Key Differences Between CO2 Lasers & Fiber Lasers

Laser cutting metal

When you need materials fabricated for your business and want to get the desired results at the best price point, it is essential to choose a company that uses the appropriate and most up-to-date tools based on your project needs. If your materials require cutting, etching, engraving and more, a laser will be used to… Read more »

The Top 3 Benefits of Laser Cutting

The Top 3 Benefits of Laser Cutting

Many manufacturers are still using traditional cutting tools such as dies and punches. But recently, laser cutting technology has gained steam. Highly accurate with low lead times, laser cutting offers clear and tangible benefits. Not only does it reduce waste, but it can also be cheaper and more efficient than traditional cutting processes. Read on… Read more »