Mobile Hazmat Trainer is designed to create a variety of challenging hazardous material emergencies that require to be identified then assists in developing the protocols in which to respond. Training created within this unit are Chlorine Domes Leaks, Leaking Valves, Leaking Pipes, Leaking Gas Domes, Ruptures, and Leaking Gas Meter.

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The Haz-Mat Tanker provides necessary skills training in the mitigation of  hazardous liquid spill incidents. Equipped with leaking flange and flammable fuel spill, the trainer can erupt into a flammable liquid and gas fire simulation, challenging fire personnel in fire control, while providing for material containment.

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The rollover tanker is a mobile cylinder that simulates hazardous material incidents of overturned vehicles. The unit’s training capabilities include flammable liquid spills, grounding and bonding, pressure vessel release and hot tapping exercises utilizing a combination of tank ruptures, with simulated chlorine and fuel domes.

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Hazmat Simulators are designed to provide all state-level emergency responders with a robust understanding of what it takes to mitigate these low frequency high danger situations in a controlled environment. These mobile units can be placed at any location, to train to the response needed.


"The Fireblast trailer has been an absolute superior enhancement tool for live fire training simulations. The burn trailer is an amalgamation of both fire industry standard and safe firefighter training. Through use of the trailer we have been able to train fire agencies and the local college Fire Academy using the safest and most advanced practices. The Fireblast trailer has also allowed us to perform live training burns, which are carbon emission free, and have no impact on the environment. The staff was nothing less than superior and made the process easy and enjoyable.”
Fire Chief Tony Rouhotas
Imperial County Fire Department


Fireflash Mobile Fire Training Facility
Fireflash Mobile Fire Training Facility
Fire Training Props
Fire Training Props