Indiana Fire & Public Safety Academy Adds New HAZMAT Trainer

The Indiana Fire & Public Safety Academy announces that it has added a new HAZMAT Trailer Trainer for fire safety training for their academy. The beautiful benefits of having this trailer is it provides an opportunity for academy members to have the hands-on practice and experience for handling hazardous chemical leaks. 

Fireblast Global Provides Fire Safety Training Equipment

At Fireblast Globalwe are proud to be able to provide this HAZMAT Training Trailer to the academy in order for them to get the most efficient and proper fire safety training they need to fight harmful fires. With the HAZMAT Trainer, provides an understanding for students when it comes to hazardous material response disciplines. 

What Does the HAZMAT Trainer Provide?

It will assist responders in conducting and maintaining best practices during incident management of hazardous materials. This is crucial for fire safety training, so that students at the academy will know how to asses a situation and react with expertise. It is meant to be used for on-going training day in and day out. The trainer is a mobile 48ft unit designed to give several scenarios found in commercial and industrial applications, as well as room to store other HAZMAT props inside. This unit provides the proper safe training for the academy and its studens without being exposed to real-world chemicals. 

Fireblast Global Training

At Fireblast Globalwe are in the business to help with fire safety training. Our wide range of fire safety units will help firefighters and first responders get properly trained with the experience and expertise they need in order to fight fires and respond quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. Now is the time to help our world and prevent fires and hazardous situations from getting out of control. 

We are proud that we can give a stronger opportunity to those seeking fire safety training. Contact Fireblast Global at 951-277-8319 today or visit us online for more information!