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Why Companies that Make Off-road Vehicles Need to Partner with the Right Sheet Metal Fabrication Firm

A Jeep drives through a muddy terrain

If you’re in the business of designing and manufacturing vehicles that conquer untamed terrains, you know that every component counts. But have you ever thought about the pivotal role that sheet metal fabrication plays in creating the ultimate off-road machine? Let’s explore why choosing the right fabrication partner is as crucial as any part of… Read more »

The Benefits of Press Brake Forming

A press brake machine bends a piece of sheet metal

There are multiple ways to create metal products that feature complicated patterns or designs. Sure, you could weld multiple pieces together to make it work. But the best and most foolproof way to do it is press brake forming. A press brake is a machine that is used to bend sheet metal, doing so by… Read more »

Kelseyville Fire Protection District Launches Training Program

  Kelseyville Fire Protection District, offers live fire training to agencies throughout Northern and Central California. Agencies have the option to host training’s and pay for the training out of pocket (call for pricing) or by funding provided by the SAFER 3 Grant from the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA). Our burn simulator is by… Read more »

The Most Common Causes of Winter Residential Building Fires

Despite the freezing temperatures, the majority of residential building fires occur during the winter months. Indeed, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 108,200 winter residential building fires occurred each year between 2014 and 2016. These fires were responsible for 980 deaths, 3,575 injuries, and nearly $1.9 billion in property damages. Preventing and limiting… Read more »

Why Fire Safety Training & New Equipment Reduces Fear

We can’t harp enough on the importance of fire safety training equipment for our fire fighters and first responders. When we supply them with the proper safety training equipment and new technology, fire fighters feel safer, more prepared, and fearless when going in to save lives and stop fires. The benefit of having any type… Read more »

Wildfires Continue to Rage in California

It seems every year we have another wave of wildfires devastating California and other parts of the country. It’s truly a tragedy to see the destruction caused by fires in our world. People’s homes and livelihoods are being taken away from them. The most important thing for us to do is provide our firefighters with… Read more »

Indiana Fire & Public Safety Academy Adds New HAZMAT Trainer

The Indiana Fire & Public Safety Academy announces that it has added a new HAZMAT Trailer Trainer for fire safety training for their academy. The beautiful benefits of having this trailer is it provides an opportunity for academy members to have the hands-on practice and experience for handling hazardous chemical leaks.  Fireblast Global Provides Fire Safety Training… Read more »

Firefighters Have to Deal with Electrical Fires

With apartment complexes and homes designed with electrical amenities more now, firefighters have to be trained for possible fires that break out. We sometimes don’t realize that firefighters have to have plenty of knowledge of where fires can start. Electrical fires are common in our times, and firefighters have to be prepared in order to save lives… Read more »

What Causes Car Fires to Occur?

Many people aren’t aware of how cars set on fire. They also may think that it will never happen to their car. In reality, there are plenty of reasons why cars can set on fire. Here are the most common causes of car fires, and how firefighters put them out.  Common Causes of Car Fires… Read more »

Fireblast Global Dedicated to Our First Responders

Here at Fireblast Global, we want to thank all of the first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want every one of our customers from the military to the first responders that we are committed to them in the production of essential training equipment.  Our first responders are always on the frontlines, and they need the best… Read more »