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Taking Care of Our Firefighters

Firefighters are some of the most amazing people on this planet. It takes incredible courage and bravery to do the jobs they do. First responders alike have a responsibility for rescue and safety. It’s important for us to recognize what they go through and care for them in every way possible. So, how do we… Read more »

It’s National Cancer Prevention Month

It’s the month of February, which means it’s National Cancer Prevention Month. Firefighters are the first to be put in dangerous situations where they are fighting fires and exposing themselves to carcinogens. Modern homes and buildings contain many synthetic and plastic materials which create more smoke when burning than natural materials. When materials burn, they… Read more »

Why Smoke Trainers are Necessary in Fire Training

Firefighter training is extremely important for firefighters to go through. We’re talking about saving lives when it comes to fighting fires, and the men and women running through collapsing structures need to build the confidence, knowledge, and problem-solving skills in order to successfully manage and put out fires and most importantly, save lives. What is… Read more »

The Importance of Maritime Fire Training

Fires out on at sea happen more often than you think and being prepared and trained properly will save lives and material assets in a fire emergency. Fires out on the sea can be very dangerous because they are unlike house fires where you can dump tons of water on it. Once firefighters get out… Read more »

Fire Training Advantage with Fireblast Global

While Fireblast Global has over 130 years of combined fire service experience, our vision has always been to design and develop live fire training equipment that was flexible enough to create realistic scenarios utilizing only the highest levels of safety. What Our Fire Training Offers The advantage with Fireblast Global is that we offer a… Read more »

Car Training with Fireblast Global Simulator

Car fires can happen anywhere at any time, in busy intersections where traffic is still moving to areas with multiple exposures. Firefighters should have the training well in advance in order to have complete understanding of what it will take to mitigate the fire, save the passengers, and protect themselves. Here at Fireblast Global, we… Read more »

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires can occur often when people are being careless when cooking or after the cooking process is finished. There are simple ways to keep this from happening, and we want you to know them in case you have forgotten. Don’t leave the kitchen – When cooking a meal, stay in the kitchen for the… Read more »

Stay Rescue Prepared for Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters are happening more and more these days.  It’s a frightening though, but we can’t sit around and be unprepared. We have to be ready, so that we can attack the situation as efficiently as possible. The proper rescue training can help save so many lives. Why rescue training is vital If you’re crew… Read more »

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Fighting fires is an extremely difficult job to do and safety is the number one priority for the fire fighters fighting and the people being rescued.  With the proper detailed training, we can fight fires efficiently no matter what the circumstance of the fire is. Fireblast Global Training Systems Fireblast Global specializes in the design… Read more »

Aircraft Fire Rescue Training

Though firefighting is frequently associated with burning buildings, another cause for a firefighting squad to spring into action occurs in the wake of a flight tragedy, such as a plane or helicopter crash, resulting in a fire that threatens passengers, crew, and any area surrounding the crash site. Any delay could allow the fire to… Read more »