How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires can occur often when people are being careless when cooking or after the cooking process is finished. There are simple ways to keep this from happening, and we want you to know them in case you have forgotten.

Don’t leave the kitchen – When cooking a meal, stay in the kitchen for the whole time.  Don’t try and multi-task while cooking because something can happen in a split second that you are unaware of if you’re not paying attention.

Make sure the stovetop is clear – When cooking on the stove, make sure your flames are on the right level, and keep all flammable materials such as paper towels, napkins, paper mail, kitchen towels, etc. out of reach, so they don’t catch on fire.

Avoid grease fires – Yes, oil is great for frying and cooking up delicious meals, but it’s important to not overdo it.  One thing that can cause grease fires is the toaster oven.  Most of them come with a flat pan to put your food on.  Always use this pan with leftover foods because if not, some grease may fall through the grill and cause a grease fire.

Follow microwave instructions – Please follow the labels on different materials you’re putting in the microwave.  You never want to put something in the microwave that has a label on the back warning against the use of a microwave.

Wear cooking clothes – This just means you should always make sure what you’re wearing is safe for cooking.  Don’t wear baggy clothes or long sleeves that could potentially catch fire around the stove.

After Cooking is All Done

This is one of the most important steps to take in order to prevent any kitchen fires.

  • Turn off stovetop and oven when done
  • Unplug other cooking appliances (deep fryer, pressure cooker, toaster oven)
  • Clean up stovetop and other cooking appliances (don’t leave left over food)

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