Fireblast Global Dedicated to Our First Responders

Here at Fireblast Globalwe want to thank all of the first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want every one of our customers from the military to the first responders that we are committed to them in the production of essential training equipment. 

Our first responders are always on the frontlines, and they need the best training equipment they can get in order to save lives on the daily basis. Which is why we continue to manufacture during this stressful time.

The Benefits of Fire Training Props

Firefighters around the country benefit greatly from training equipment. Our external and internal props give your fighters the ability to train and gain the first responder experience they need to go out and fight fires and save lives efficiently. 

  • Familiarize with requirements needed in order to combat liquid/gas fire
  • How and when to apply foam to liquid/gas fire
  • Internal live fire training room
  • Manufactured props for real-life training

Fire Training Importance During COVID-19 

Fire Training simulators and props are always important to our first responders. Getting them the proper equipment to train with is essential, but it could even be more vital at this time. As the country is continuing to fight the pandemic in hospitals, people are social distancing and isolating themselves at home. For firefighters, this means that when a fire breaks out in someone’s home or a building, fire fighters have to be prepared to go and rescue people from that structure, even if they put themselves at risk. 

Having the tools and the training to do so will help save many lives. 

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