The Benefits of Press Brake Forming

A press brake machine bends a piece of sheet metal

There are multiple ways to create metal products that feature complicated patterns or designs. Sure, you could weld multiple pieces together to make it work. But the best and most foolproof way to do it is press brake forming.

A press brake is a machine that is used to bend sheet metal, doing so by clamping the piece of metal between a matching top tool and bottom die. Using this process comes with a significant number of benefits. Here are just a few of them:

Save Time and Money

Welding together two pieces of metal is an expensive and time-consuming process. Metal bending tends to be both cheaper and quick, and no type of metal bending process is faster and less expensive than press brake forming. This is at least partially due to the repeatability of the process and because of the fast and easy setup process.


Not only is press brake forming faster and cheaper than other processes, it also gives your product more structural integrity. Technology allows brake press machines to be more precise as well, so they create less waste. Additionally, modern brake press machines have the capacity for a technique called hemming. This is when you fold a portion of the sheet over and close it on itself to create a thick, rigid and durable edge on one side and a safe round edge on the other side.


As time goes on, technology improves in all fields and sheet metal bending is no different. Fabrication companies now use computer-aided software for their metal bending and design services. Using CNC controls on a press break allows a company to repeat actions at a rapid pace to quickly complete large-volume orders. These technological advances have also simplified the setup process and allow for the easy switching of tools between different designs.

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