What Causes Car Fires to Occur?

Many people aren’t aware of how cars set on fire. They also may think that it will never happen to their car. In reality, there are plenty of reasons why cars can set on fire. Here are the most common causes of car fires, and how firefighters put them out. 

Common Causes of Car Fires

According to the most recent figures from Statista, there were around 181,500 highway vehicle fires reported in 2018. While some car fires are caused by collisions, they are more often caused by problems with a vehicle’s electrical wiring, fuel system or even cigarettes left in the car, leaving the engine to catch fire. 

Design Flaws

Certain cars are more prone to fires than others. If the manufacturer does not catch a problem, it could lead to an explosion or fire. Manufacturer flaws that may lead to fires include electrical issues, faulty batteries or fuel tank leaks. The NFPA states that electrical and mechanical failures caused two-thirds of cars catching fire. This includes problems with: Heated seats, batteries, heating systems, aftermarket accessories.

Car Accidents

Auto collisions can result in fires. Data from the NFPA shows that while accidents only accounted for four percent of car fires, they caused 60 percent of car fire-related fatalities. Whether an accident will cause a fire depends on what area of the car is hit.

How are Firefighters Prepared for Car Fires?

Firefighters must stay up to date on everything that car manufacturers change in their technology due to the fact that the complexity of these technologies increases each year. For firefighters to train properly and experience simulations that are realistic, they resort to Fireblast Global’s manufactured gas fired props. For vehicles, our car training simulator provides a hands-on platform to test and perfect the skills needed to extinguish any kind of vehicle fire. 

Fireblast Global

Fireblast Global is dedicated to our first responders, and we are capable of providing those firefighters with the proper training equipment to put out fires quickly and efficiently and save lives. A car fire can be a frightening event, and our fire training simulators can help responders fight the fires with 100% preparation. Contact Fireblast Global at 951-277-8319 today to learn more!