Laser Cutting Steel vs. Aluminum

Laser Cutting Steel

When it comes to laser cutting steel and aluminum, there are specific tactics that are required for each to achieve a successful cut.

Traditional fiber and CO2 laser cutting techniques have proven to be effective when it comes to cutting steel of all thicknesses, while there are more intricate and unique techniques that are required for the successful laser cutting of aluminum.

The good news is, when used properly, lasers will do an excellent job of cutting your steel and aluminum application with repeated accuracy.

Steel can be cut with traditional fiber, CO2 lasers

When you need steel to be fabricated for your business, laser cutting is the ideal option.

Both fiber and CO2 lasers have proven to be extremely successful with the fabrication of steel, with the former being the desired option when you have thicker steel such as plates or reinforced sheets that need to be cut.

No matter if it be stainless, carbon steel or anything in between fiber lasers have the ability to cut various grades of steel with ease by offering nearly double or even triple the speed of CO2 lasers.

Aluminum cutting requires unique tools

While standard laser cutting works successfully for steel, it is less efficient at cutting light-reflective, heat-conductive materials such as aluminum.

Aluminum has properties that do not work well with traditional lasers, with the beam reflecting off the material and creating an uneven cut.

To achieve the desired results, aluminum can be cut with fiber or CO2 lasers, but it will require a metal cutting head. This metal cutting head has an adjustable focus and protective window for spark reflection to achieve an effective, clean cut for your aluminum.

As an added tip, a gas assist may be used as well to get the desired result for your aluminum. When combined with the high pressure of the laser, the gas will create a cleaner cut and prevent rough edges.

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