Maritime Fire Trainers




Fireblast Global offers several varieties of Maritime Fire Trainers.  We can offer Traditional Barge Style Floating Trainers, Ground-Based Pre-Engineered Buildings to replicate a ship, and 53’ Tractor Drawn Mobile Maritime Trainers.

Gas Fired Props 

All platforms can utilize Fireblast Global Maritime based Interior Gas Fired Props to simulate a engine/bilge pump fire, flange fire prop, cable tray fires, along with ship hatches, ship stairways, gangways, QAWTD and Non-Burn Radiological props.

Realistic Environment 

Maritime Fire Trainers can be equipped with exterior quick access watertight door, marine door, marine porthole, marine hatch, Denver window, interior and exterior ladders.


This is an overview of specifications for the Maritime Fire Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. This firefighter training simulator’s capabilities include, but are not limited to: