Introducing Fireblast Global University: A Modern-Age Dojo

Fireblast Global University

At Fireblast Global, we believe that nothing is ever “good enough.” This applies to our products and services, but it also applies to the welfare of our employees. We are committed to the empowerment and improvement of our employees, giving them the resources they need to learn and grow.

That’s why we started Fireblast Global University, a modern-age dojo that is dedicated to the Toyota Production System’s philosophy of continuous improvement. Read on to learn more:

The Culture of Continuous Improvement

Also known as kaizen, continuous improvement is both a philosophy and culture that powers Toyota’s Production System. It is something that we at Fireblast Global have adopted ourselves. Continuous improvement is exactly as it sounds—it focuses on the ongoing progress and advancement of a company and its people. By investing money, time, and resources in the betterment of your employees, your company can maximize quality, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. Simply put, by helping your employees grow, you can help your company grow. Everybody wins.

About Fireblast Global University

Fireblast Global University was created with continuous improvement, or kaizen, in mind. It is essentially a modern-age dojo where we take the time to train and educate our employees with an array of materials. Some of the topics we teach include 5S, 8 Wastes, Kanban, Customer Filing Structure, Releasing Production Orders, Developing Standard Processes, and more. Our most recent course was a 3-part class on the Introduction to Welding Symbols.

All of our courses are meant to grow our staffs’ tool belts and give them a wider range of skills in order to be successful and deliver the highest level of quality. By doing so, we can better help our customers. To learn more about our efforts here at Fireblast Global, contact us today!