Reduce Welding Costs with Metal Forming

When it comes to the fabrication of parts for your business, you’re probably used to more traditional welding and soldering techniques being administered.

If you are looking for a way to cut down on costs, as well as time, when it comes to the fabrication services you require for your business, consider metal forming.

Metal forming is a unique process that uses stress and pressure to form the metal you require for your business. With metal forming, your metal application will come in one complete piece, instead of several different parts that are welded together.

Jointless and seamless, this process not only leaves parts looking great, but it will save you money on fabrication costs.

Metal Forming

Metal forming efficiently bends metals

When it comes to metal forming, bending is one of the easiest and most effective processes for getting the fabricated parts you desire. With this process, metal sheets are run through a brake press where they will be bent into the design that is required quickly and effectively.  

This is ideal as it allows for the fabrication process to be completed all at once, instead of being put together piece by piece with welding and soldering, saving you from expensive fabrication bills.

A brake press ensures accurate forming each time

As mentioned above, a brake press or other press machine will be used to form the metal parts you need for your operations.

The metal sheet will be placed over a die block that punch-presses the metal into the shape that is desired. This is an extremely intricate piece of equipment that will ensure an exact fabrication each time, saving you from having to get things worked on multiple times, which can become expensive.

Fiber lasers can be used for other requirements

Fiber lasers are ideal for those who require holes or other designs to be placed on the metal that is being formed.

This can be completed before the metal is formed and can even be done with a hybrid machine that is capable of lasering and forming in one application, which can save you on time and parts.

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