What Is Anodizing? Everything You Need to Know

Anodizing is a cost-effective process that will increase the life of your product or equipment by enhancing the natural oxide layer that is found on the surface of metal parts.

To put it simply, this process will expand the oxide layer, not apply it, and will ensure that your items do not suffer from corrosion, abrasion, wear resistance and other common issues.

Anodized Products

A process that provides protection for materials

As mentioned above, anodizing is a process that will create a protective layer for metal parts and other materials. This layer is a naturally forming aluminum oxide, but through the anodizing process, it will become thicker than under normal conditions.

The anodizing process will pass a direct current through an electrolytic solution with your material being the anode (positive electrode). The direct current will release hydrogen at the cathode (negative electrode) and will create oxygen at the top of your material which will create the protective layer you desire.

A preventive measure against corrosion, abrasion & more

When materials are anodized, they will be protected against corrosion, abrasion, wear resistance and more that commonly cause issues for equipment.

You no longer have to worry about finding replacement parts or having to replace equipment on a regular basis, as this process will create a hard, aluminum oxide layer of protection.

Although anodizing is commonly performed with aluminum components, it can also work for magnesium, titanium, some conductive plastics and more.

A cost-effective option

This is a relatively affordable option when you consider how it will increase the life of your products or equipment. It also cannot peel and isn’t susceptible to wear and tear of external weather conditions.

When you’re interested in having anodized materials for your business to increase durability, wear resistance and more, we ask that you reach out to our expert team at Fireblast Global.

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