Training Units

Fire training units are important tools for developing safe, effective, and efficient firefighters. Fireblast offers a mobile fire trainer and an ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) simulator.

At Fireblast, we make safety and realistic training our top priority. Realistic firefighter training for fire departments and military personnel is the only way to safely prepare them for the danger of an emergency.

Fireblast’s fire training tools offer training tools for many different scenarios. We offer training simulators for structural fires, to maritime fires, to airplane fires. We help prepare firefighters for the toughest parts of their jobs. Fireblast offers four main types of fire training units to train firefighters to respond to a variety of circumstances. These training units provide fire departments with the best training possible and the highest level of safety. All units are NFPA compliant.

Structural Fires

The mobile Fireflash Series is a firefighting training unit that provides 744 square feet of training space. The space includes two gas-fired props, a flashover prop, ventilation props, and forcible entry.

The training unit is equipped with liquid petroleum gas to fuel the fire training exercise. The Fireflash Training Unit trains firefighters for indoor or outdoor scenarios, flashover/rollover training, search and rescue, direct fire attacks, indirect fire attacks, above grade fires, and below grade fires.

Maritime Fires

Maritime fires are one of the most difficult challenges due to firefighters having to mitigate the problem while keeping the vessel afloat. It is imperative that fire departments and port authorities run maritime training exercises in order to equip the department for challenges that may arise during a maritime fire.

Fireblast offers three different types of Maritime Fire Training Units: The Traditional Barge Style Floating Trainer, the Ground-Based Pre-Engineered Building– to replicate a ship, and the 53-foot Tractor Drawn Mobile Maritime Trainer. All the training units include interior gas fired props to simulate realistic maritime fire emergencies.  The training units also include other realistic features such as watertight doors, marine doors, marine portholes, marine hatches, Denver windows, and interior and exterior ladders. These maritime training units allow firefighters to prepare for many different types of maritime fires on many different types of vessels.

Aircraft Fires

Fireblast’s Expandable ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) Trainers are designed to provide specialized training for airport first responders and military. These training simulators allow for a hands-on experience that teaches firefighters to effectively respond to small and large aircraft disasters. These trainers simulate realistic aircraft incidents including ground fire training, low and high wing engine fires, wheel brake fires, and search and rescue in limited visibility environments.

Mobile Aircraft Fires

Fireblast has two types of mobile aircraft fire training units: Combat Aircraft Trainers and Helicopter Trainers. Both trainers provide real-world training challenges on and off the base, making the utilization of mobile application all the more valuable to your program.

Fireblast Global’s Mobile ARFF trainers are designed and built with the latest technology. Our gas-fired ignition can generate up to 60 million BTU’s. This allows firefighters to train in the intense heat they will encounter on the job. Once the unit is placed at its training location, the instructor has the capability to safely train the firefighters in performing many exercises. Firefighters can practice direct communication with first responders, recognition of hazardous conditions, determination of actions to be taken in targeted-on approach, emergency rescue, hand line advancement and tactics to disarm the aircraft.

Specialized Training

In addition to typical training units, Fireblast offers specialized training units to help firefighters with specific issues they may face. Fireblast offers a Forcible Entry Trainer because we understand the importance of gaining access to modern structures in order to save lives and property.

We also offer specialized training in Urban Search and Rescue Trainers for victims of natural disasters. This training unit is designed as an advanced rescue training tool and offers a variety of unique objectives that require an elevated level of training.

From structural fires, to maritime disasters, to aircraft fires, Fireblast’s life-saving training units help firefighters prepare for any challenge they may face